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How Spring Flowers Increase Productivity & Happiness March 20, 2018

Branford Center, New Haven County
How Spring Flowers Increase Productivity & Happiness, Branford Center, Connecticut

After a long, dreary winter, a bouquet of spring flowers will bring a welcome splash of color into your office. Not only will a nice bouquet spruce up your work environment, but some research shows that colors can actually have a dramatic impact on your productivity, creativity, and overall happiness. Below are just a few reasons the workplace is the perfect place for floral arrangements.


spring flowersIf you feel depressed and anxious after a day of looking at white walls and beige carpets, you’re not alone. Several studies have shown neutral colors can actually cause negative feelings, reducing your performance and generally ruining your day. Blue, on the other hand, tends to instill feelings of calm and relaxation, so put some tulips or harmony irises in your office. Red and other warm colors also tend to make people more alert, so a bouquet of carnations or other spring flowers will reduce errors and help you stay on top of your assignments. According to researchers, yellow increases feelings of happiness and optimism, making tulips a perfect choice for high-energy, creative work environments.


If you want something more permanent than a bouquet, and you don’t get enough sun in your office for a potted plant, succulents are the perfect option to bring a natural touch to your desk. Succulents are visually fascinating and live for years with very little care. Plus, their relaxing green hue will promote feelings of relaxation.


If you’re looking for beautiful floral arrangements from trusted local experts, Myers Flowers in Branford, CT, will help you beautify your office. Their dedication to customers and their wide selection have made them one of the leading florists in the area, with a reputation for amazing results every time. Visit their website for more information on their offerings, and call (203) 481-2381 to place an order today.

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