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Should You Use Hot or Cold Water for Washing Clothes? A Local Laundromat Explains March 21, 2018

Bethany, Lincoln
Should You Use Hot or Cold Water for Washing Clothes? A Local Laundromat Explains, Lincoln, Nebraska

When it comes to washing clothes at the local laundromat, many people don’t bother to adjust the machine’s temperature setting. Yet, switching to cold water for certain loads can help conserve energy and reduce your environmental impact. It might even help to extend the life span of your clothing. Here to explain more is Laundry Land, the leading laundromat facility for Lincoln, NE, residents.

A Local Laundromat’s Guide to Washing Machine Temperatures

What Are You Washing?

First and foremost, assess what you’re washing. Because hot water is more apt to cause colors to run, it’s best to reserve higher temperatures for white clothing and linens. Yet, hot water can also lead to shrinking, so it’s best to carefully consider whether your load of laundry truly warrants the heat.

If you have heavily soiled clothing as a result from working in a dirty job, for instance, you could benefit from using hot water to eradicate stains. Nonetheless, when used with stain-fighting detergents, today’s machines have mechanical actions which can remove soil from fabrics at lower temperatures.  

Can You Pre-Soak Your Laundry?

Ilocal laundromatf you’re washing colors but need to eradicate stubborn stains, you can still avoid using hot water by choosing the pre-soak option on the machine. This will allow the detergent to seep into the fabric, thereby giving it more power to lift away dirt or other discoloration.

What Are Additional Advantages of Using Cold Water?

Because it requires more electricity to heat water, using the cold setting reduces energy consumption and is a more environmentally-friendly approach to doing laundry. In addition, it can also help to keep wrinkles at bay, potentially reducing the amount of time you spend ironing. Ultimately, unless you have heavily soiled garments or linens, washing on the cold cycle is almost always the better option.

If you’re in search of a convenient local laundromat with high-capacity laundry machines, look no further than Laundry Land. Their facility has convenient hours and is open until midnight seven days a week. To learn more, call (402) 466-8353 or send their team a message online. You can also find them on Twitter.

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