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How to Know if You Need Anxiety Counseling March 28, 2018

Highland, St. Paul
How to Know if You Need Anxiety Counseling, St. Paul, Minnesota

To a degree, anxiety is natural. Virtually every person deals with some nagging worries throughout their life. However, other people suffer from constant anxious thoughts that interfere with their daily life and contribute to emotional problems. In these cases, anxiety counseling can help. By working with a qualified psychologist, patients learn how to overcome harmful thought patterns and live happier lives. If you’re wondering whether this therapy is right for you, review the following points.

Consider the Cause

Anxiety CounselingAgain, some amount of anxiety is natural. If, for instance, you were heading to work and suspected you were going to have an uncomfortable confrontation with a supervisor when you arrived, it would make sense to worry. You might even notice physiological changes, like an increased heart rate or perspiration.

People who require treatment for their anxiety experience these reactions even when there isn’t a reasonable cause. Typically, their anxiety towards any given stimulus is much more intense than it would be for most people. If you experience strong feelings of worry even when there is no immediate trigger, you may want to seek professional care.

Examine the Effect

Chronic anxiety can lead to a wide range of other problems in your life. It may cause you to lose sleep or make you so depressed that all you want to do is sleep. Anxiety can also distract you at work. Feeling stuck in a constant state of worry may make you agitated, negatively impacting your relationships. If your anxiety is having a significant effect on your quality of life, an anxiety counseling specialist can help.


Chronic anxiety is a mental illness. Fortunately, that means it’s treatable. With professional care, it’s possible to move beyond this roadblock for good. If you believe you could benefit from anxiety counseling, get in touch with Dr. Joelle Kallio – Clinical Psychologist, in St. Paul, MN. Dr. Kallio has over a decade of experience helping patients of all ages cope with these issues. Call (651) 917-5040 to learn more or make an appointment.