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Oral Hygiene Do's & Don’ts to Protect Your Smile April 14, 2018

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Oral Hygiene Do's & Don’ts to Protect Your Smile, Bronx, New York

Oral hygiene significantly impacts your smile and affects your overall health. In addition to your regularly scheduled visits at the dentist office, it’s equally as important to properly take care of your teeth between cleanings. Sometimes doing so involves making lifestyle changes to lower your risk of getting a cavity or gum disease. To help you achieve your best smile, here are a few dental do’s and don’ts.


Brush & Floss Daily.

Along with regular visits to your local dentist office, properly brushing and flossing is integral to good dental health. Brush at least twice a day for two minutes at a time, covering all surfaces evenly. Flossing should occur at least once a day, using slow, gentle motions to prevent damaging the gums.

Rinse Between Brushing.

dentist officeAlong with brushing and flossing, always rinse throughout the day. Doing so after meals greatly reduces plaque buildup and the bacteria in your mouth. For the best results, use a mouthwash containing fluoride to prevent cavities from forming.


Drink Juice & Soda in Excess.

Your diet can also impact your oral health. Fruit juices containing citrus erode tooth enamel, which will expose the inner layer and increase sensitivity. Also, sodas, which tend to be high in sugar, contribute to decay and can lead to tooth loss. While it’s safe to indulge on occasion, moderation is key.

Evade Nutritious Foods.

Proper nutrition is crucial for your teeth and general health. Eat foods that are rich in calcium and protein, like cheese and yogurt, to strengthen the enamel, as well as leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, that are high in folic acid and vitamin B. 


No matter how well you treat your teeth or how good your habits are, always remember to visit the dentist office twice a year. CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center has established a reputation among patients in the Bronx, NY, for dedicated and effective care for a wide range of conditions and ailments, including those related to dental health. Review the complete listing of medical services offered by checking out the website. You can also call (718) 569-7929 to schedule an appointment at the dentist office today.

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