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4 Signs Your Apple® Device Needs Repair March 21, 2018

Cedar Grove-Lynbrook, 6
4 Signs Your Apple® Device Needs Repair , 6, Louisiana

You rely on your Apple® devices for everything from texting with family and friends to professional communications and projects. When there’s a problem with your iPhone®, iPad®, or MacBook®, you’ll want to address it right away. Experimac South Shreveport in Louisiana is the area’s go-to computer repair team, and they explain four signs your Apple device requires attention from the experts.

How to Tell Your Apple Device Needs Professional Repair

1. Software Freezes or Crashing 

When you download new software programs or updates to existing files, they shouldn’t affect your computer’s performance as long as they come from a legitimate source. However, if your device slows down considerably, freezes, or crashes following new software installation, it may have a virus or malware. A technician will run a thorough scan and remove the infected files.

2. Unresponsive Peripherals 

apple-devicesUnresponsive peripherals are a clear sign of trouble for desktop users. Peripherals include the mouse, keyboard, and monitor, which are attached to the computer. If they aren’t responding, first check to see they’re securely connected. If they are and you’re still experiencing problems, there may be an issue with the driver software. 

3. Constant OS Failures or Crashes 

The operating system is the cornerstone of your Apple device. When you experience constant trouble with it, such as frequent crashes or inability to support applications, take it to a computer repair professional immediately. The solution may be as simple as adding more RAM (random access memory) to boost your computer’s speed and processing power. However, you may need hard drive repair or replacement if the damage is severe. A professional will accurately diagnose the issue and get your computer back in working order. 

4. Keys Don’t Work 

The keyboard can take quite a beating over time. Eventually, the keys will fail or may even fall off. Unresponsive keys isn’t an issue that will go away on its own. Address it right away to prevent it from becoming a significant problem and inconvenience. 

If you’re a northwest Louisiana resident who needs computer repair, bring the Apple device to Experimac South Shreveport. Their technicians know how to handle anything from a cracked phone screen to a laptop hard drive replacement, and their services come with a 90-day warranty to ensure a job well done. Call (318) 383-0644 or visit their website to learn more about their repair services. 

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