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3 Helpful Tips for Making Funeral Arrangements March 28, 2018

North Haven, New Haven County
3 Helpful Tips for Making Funeral Arrangements, North Haven, Connecticut

Planning a funeral is decidedly difficult and often leaves family and friends feeling lost or overwhelmed. While there is no right or wrong way to put a service together, there are a few commonly accepted guidelines to make the process easier. Armed with a bit of know-how and access to a local, reliable funeral home, you can navigate the preparation process more easily and find more time to grieve with the people you love. 

3 Suggestions to Keep in Mind While Planning a Funeral 

1. Choose Burial or Cremation

The choice between a traditional burial and cremation will depend largely on the wishes of the departed. If they did not previously specify their preferences, it’s up to the closest family member to decide how to proceed. It’s important to keep in mind if you do opt for cremation, you aren’t necessarily giving up the right to a service or gathering. Ask the funeral director about putting together a viewing before the cremation or a memorial service afterwards, and invite family and friends to mourn together.

2. Consider Personalized Preferences

funeralWhen planning a funeral, it’s important to incorporate details that are unique to the departed. Speak with the director about including music, colors, or flowers the deceased was fond of so you can make it a more personalized event. While such details may seem small, they will bring a great deal of comfort to those in attendance and make the gathering feel more sentimental.

3. Plan a Reception

A post-funeral reception offers family and friends the chance to spend time with one another, honoring the memory and legacy of the person who passed. This is a way to relieve some of the emotions of the day and creates a safe space for guests to mourn as they see fit. Many families use the reception as a celebration of life after they have completed their preferred ceremonial practices. This event can be further personalized with the addition of a photo slideshow, serving the departed’s favorite dish, or inviting guests to share close memories. 


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