Airport-Pines Road, Louisiana

Great deals on iPad screen repairs!Airport-Pines Road, 12, Louisiana

Valid from March 13, 2018 to April 30, 2018
Great deals on iPad screen repairs!, 12, Louisiana

Ever forgotten your iPad® was sitting in your lap and gotten up and it crashes to the ground and your screen shatters? Yep, we have too. Fortunately, Experimac Bossier City can save the day when those iPad® accidents occur. Right now, Experimac Bossier City is offering a super sale on iPad® screen repairs on the following models:

iPad® 2  –    $89.99

iPad® 3  –    $89.99

iPad® 4  –    $89.99

iPad® Air –   $89.99

iPad® Air 2 – $299.99

iPad® 5th Gen/2017  –  $89.99

iPad® Pro 9.7  –  $289.99

iPad® Pro 12.9  –  $319.99

iPad® Mini 1 –   $89.99

iPad® Mini 2  –  $89.99

iPad® Mini 3  –  $89.99

iPad® Mini 4 -  $199.99




Experimac Bossier City knows how important it is to have your iPad® device working as expected. Experimac Bossier City focuses solely on repairs and upgrades of Apple® devices, providing all types of repairs for iPad® 2 devices, iPad® 3 devices, iPad® 4 devices, iPad® Air devices, iPad® Air 2 devices, iPad® 5th Gen /2017 devices, iPad® Pro 9.7 devices, iPad® Pro 12.9 devices, iPad® Mini 1 devices, iPad® Mini 2 devices, iPad® Mini 3 devices,  iPad® Mini 4 devices. We also offer the best prices on repairs of  iPhone® 5 devices, iPhone® 5S devices, iPhone® 6 devices, iPhone® 6 Plus devices, iPhone® 6S devices, iPhone® 6S Plus devices, iPhone® 7 devices, iPhone® 7 Plus devices, iPhone® 8 devices, and iPhone® 8 Plus devices. If it can’t be fixed, Experimac North Shreveport offers used iPhone® devices at competitive prices. Experimac North Shreveport serves the Shreveport, LA area as well as Flournjoy, LA, Greenwood, LA, Westwood Park, LA,   and Pines Road. Call (318) 383-2644, visit online, or stop by 7013 Pines Road in Shreveport, LA today for more information.

This deal is no longer available.

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