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Why Your AC System Freezes Up March 20, 2018

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Why Your AC System Freezes Up , Stratford, Connecticut

As warm weather approaches, you may be tempted to crank the air conditioner to keep your home a comfortable temperature. However, if you haven’t had AC repair or maintenance in awhile, it’s common for your system to freeze up. There are specific reasons why your HVAC system isn’t working correctly.

Why Your AC System May Need Repair

1. Temperature Is Too Low

At the beginning of spring, don't set your thermostat too low. If the outside air falls below 62 degrees at night, your AC’s internal pressure will drop, causing it to freeze. If you notice the temperature you set is inconsistent with how it feels in your home, it may be a sign of a more serious issue that calls for AC repair or replacement.

2. Restricted Airflow AC repair

Without airflow, there’s no air circulating through your system to keep the coils from generating condensation. With nowhere to go, the cold air causes the coils to freeze. This problem is likely due to a dirty air filter. If this happens, turn the system off for two hours, turn on the fan, and check your filter. If it’s dirty, replace it and start the AC again once the system has completely defrosted.

3. Low Refrigerant / Leak

Loose fittings, a broken valve, or pipes rubbing together can cause leaks in the refrigerant lines. Although you can top off your refrigerant, it’s only a temporary fix. Call your HVAC contractor for an inspection. You may need AC repair, or, depending on the severity and age of your unit, you may need to invest in a new system.

Get a full-service examination of your heating and cooling units one to two months before your most frequent time of use. If you need AC repair, contact the professionals at Sean’s Heating & Cooling in Stratford, CT. Locally owned and operated for over 15 years, their supportive team of professionals will quickly diagnose your HVAC issues and offer solutions that will keep your home comfortable. They know their client’s time is valuable, which is why they provide same-day services for calls before noon, and 24-hour emergency services. For more information on how they can help improve the functionality of your systems, visit them online, or call (203) 605-0178.

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