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Little-Known Ways to Avoid Permanent Clothing Stains March 22, 2018

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Little-Known Ways to Avoid Permanent Clothing Stains, Manhattan, New York

Are you constantly battling stains on your clothing? While most of us make attempts not to spill, morning coffee dripping on your freshly cleaned suit or lunchtime dinner marinara sauce splattering on your dress are unpredictable moments. However, there are little-known tricks your favorite laundry service or best dry cleaners use to keep your clothes stain-free. Mr. Anthony Cleaners has served the New York, NY, area for years. Below, this family-owned company outlines tips for keeping your clothes clean.

Top Laundry Service’s Suggestions for Stains

While many stains are difficult to see on patterned or darker clothes, light or white clothing stains stand out even more. If the damage is done, the first rule of thumb is to take immediate action to prevent the stain from setting. For instance, with red stains, like wine or pasta sauce, take a clean cloth, and dip it in club soda. Gently dab at the stain without rubbing it in, as this action will only spread its circumference. Instead, think of ‘lifting’ the stain with gentle dabs.  

Fabric Solvent 

laundry serviceAttempt to lift the stain with a gentle fabric solvent (such as a Tide or Clorox® bleach pen) when you’re handling white fabric.  Avoid using hot or warm water, as this will set the stain. Once the solvent dries, throw the garment into the wash, and use regular detergent. 

Simple Household Products

Many simple household items can save your clothing from creating permanent stains. Apply salt to a wet stain, so the chemicals can attach to them; this technique can resolve wine, deodorant, or blood stains. For tea or grass stains, use vinegar or lemon juice.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to avoid making outfit malfunctions from staining, speak with a professional laundry service. Mr. Anthony Cleaners specializes in providing individualized care to valued customers. Whether you’re looking for laundry service or alterations, call the expert team at (212) 689-8689, or visit the website for more information. 

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