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Why Should You Hire a Divorce Attorney? March 20, 2018

Hot Springs, Garland
Why Should You Hire a Divorce Attorney?, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Facing the end of a marriage is never easy. Fortunately, a divorce attorney can be your biggest ally at every stage of the legal process, and you can emerge from the experience with a solid plan for moving forward. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of hiring a divorce attorney.

4 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

1. Understand the Law

lawyerIt should come as no surprise that divorce and family law are complex matters. Your attorney helps you understand the law, how it applies to your case, and how it can best be utilized to protect your interests. They will break the law down into accessible language and practical steps, empowering you with the information you need to make solid decisions for your case and future.

2. Obtain a Comprehensive Case Evaluation

Do you know how much your case is worth? Having a divorce lawyer on your side ensures you have a realistic idea of your case's value and how much you can pursue. In many divorces, there is compensation that litigants can seek that they aren't even aware of; your lawyer will highlight these areas.

3. Meet Filing Requirements & Deadlines

Any court case involves completing and filing a considerable amount of forms and paperwork. Your divorce lawyer will take on these tasks for you. They will make certain everything is completed correctly and filed with the appropriate departments by the appointed deadlines.

4. Make Child Custody & Support Arrangements

Your children are your main priority. You want them to have the living arrangements that support and encourage them, as well as provide stability, consistency, and safety. Your lawyer will keep your kids' needs front and center as you design the child custody and support plans that will best help them thrive.


If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, trust Padgham Law Firm to look out for you. Based in Hot Springs, AR, they represent clients throughout Garland County in a variety of practice areas, including personal injury, workers’ compensation, and family law. Call (501) 624-3300 to schedule an appointment with a divorce attorney today, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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