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A Spring Guide to Senior Health & Wellness March 22, 2018

Northgate, Colerain
A Spring Guide to Senior Health & Wellness, Colerain, Ohio

Spring brings longer days and blooming flowers, making the lazy days of winter seem far away. For seniors, this season can be particularly beneficial, as warmer weather and fresh air present new opportunities to embrace health. To uphold your loved one’s safety, the caregivers at Visiting Angels - Cincinnati West in Ohio offer a few tips below.

5 Ways Seniors Can Step Up Their Health This Spring

1. Get Active Outdoors

Physical activity is one of the best ways to keep the body in good shape. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that older adults commit to 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. Fortunately, meeting these requirements is easier in the spring, as this season is a great time to go outside for a brisk walk, garden in the backyard, or enjoy tai-chi in the park.  

2. Stay Aware of Allergies

caregiverWhile green grass and vibrant flowers may be pretty to look at, plant growth in the spring can cause allergies to flare up. Allergies are particularly risky for seniors, as they can make breathing more difficult. As such, it’s important for older Americans and their caregivers to monitor symptoms and take medications to prevent spring allergies from causing problems.

3. Watch Water Intake

When temperatures start rising, increased perspiration can cause people to lose essential fluids and experience a heightened risk of dehydration. Since certain medications and chronic conditions can worsen dehydration in seniors, it’s essential for individuals to make sure they’re drinking enough water throughout the day.   

4. Practice Rainy Day Safety

Despite all the glory of the spring season, rainy weather can lead to some pretty ugly conditions outside. To avoid slipping on slick surfaces, seniors should be cautious when walking outdoors. Rubber-soled shoes and walking aids, for example, can help reduce the risk of dangerous falling accidents.

5. Spring Clean the Medicine Cabinet

During spring cleaning, seniors may find it beneficial to get rid of expired prescriptions and organize all their medications. After, make an easy-to-read list of every medication they take and the necessary dosages. This information can be helpful to caregivers who may need to assist when seniors aren’t feeling well.

If you’re looking to improve a loved one’s quality of life this spring, consider recruiting a caregiver from the trusted team at Visiting Angels - Cincinnati West. Committed to compassionate senior care, these professionals can simplify activities of daily living through companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and other forms of helpful assistance. To learn more about these comprehensive, customized services, visit this in-home care provider online or call (513) 598-6770.