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Spring Cleaning? 5 Tips for Superb Septic Maintenance March 22, 2018

Jackson Center, Mercer
Spring Cleaning? 5 Tips for Superb Septic Maintenance, Jackson Center, Pennsylvania

Spring invites homeowners all over the country to eliminate clutter, organize their items, and do a thorough cleaning of areas that might otherwise go unattended. Your septic tank, for instance, will benefit significantly from a deep cleaning and some routine upkeep. Septic maintenance is crucial year-round, but during the start of a new season, you can clear out old debris and replace tattered parts to give everything the added boost it needs to work effectively. Below are five tips for spring cleaning your tank. 

5 Septic Maintenance Tricks You Need to Know

1. Pump

Late spring is the ideal time to pump out the contents of your septic system, as temperatures are warmer and the ground is dry enough to allow for sufficient water removal. If you’re due to have your septic maintenance team pump out your tank or leach field, schedule an appointment at the beginning of spring before their schedule fills up. 

2. Filter

septic maintenanceYour septic tank filters should be changed out every spring. Ask your septic service about inspecting and swapping in a new filter to ensure solid and particulate materials don’t clog the leach field, leading to system failure. 

3. Drain

If you’ve noticed problems with standing or pooling water in your leach field, now is the time to drain it thoroughly and start anew. When winter’s ice and snow begin to melt, you might find yourself with flooding; schedule pumping to remove the excess water before it causes damage to the land or your home.

4. Prevention

Your septic system works in tandem with your gutters, so spring should be your yearly reminder to check your downspouts. Spouts angled toward the tank will cause costly damages, so redirect the flow of water away from any septic components.

5. Inspection

Over the course of a year, your septic setup can experience a lot of wear and tear. Parts can rust and corrode or break altogether. Schedule a routine inspection to identify any mechanical issues so that you can move forward with repairs and get the most out of your plumbing for the rest of the year. 


If you live in Jackson Center, PA, look to Patterson Septic Service for your yearly cleanings and inspections. They’re affiliated with the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association, so trust them with your septic maintenance this spring. Since 1987, they have been Mercer County and the surrounding area’s most trusted name in all things septic pumping and repair and part replacement. Visit them online or call (724) 662-3996 for an appointment.