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Moving to a New Home? 3 Tips for Packing Furniture March 20, 2018

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Moving to a New Home? 3 Tips for Packing Furniture, Anchorage, Alaska

Do you have a big move looming on the horizon? Whether you're transferring all of your possessions to a new home or placing a select few items in self-storage, you need to take extra care with furniture. Taking your time to pack and handle everything correctly will save you some expensive headaches in the future, so here are a few tips to help with the process.

Top 3 Furniture-Packing Tips for the Big Move

1. Get Plenty of Protective Supplies

Before you get started, make sure you have packing supplies on hand for your furniture. In addition to the usual boxes and packing tape, pick up plenty of bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, corrugated cardboard, and sofa and mattress covers for added security. The more you have, the more effectively you can protect your valuables. 

2. Clean Everything in Advance

It may sound like a skippable step, but take the time to thoroughly clean all your furniture before you pack it for self-storage or moving. Leaving dust and debris on furniture can lead to permanent scratches, especially on hard surfaces.

3. Dismantle & Wrap With Care

self-storageBeyond the simple act of removing drawers, you should dismantle furniture whenever possible. The further you can safely break the item down, the easier it will be to carry through tight spaces and pack. To make disassembly and reassembly simple, follow an owner’s manual if you still have one, and use sealed and labeled plastic bags for associated hardware such as screws and handles.


Your average piece of furniture isn't just functional; you may have a significant attachment to certain items. That's why it always pays to reduce the risk of damage to the items with a little preparation and a secure storage unit. Residents throughout Anchorage, AK, have turned to International Self Storage for the most dependable selection since 1987. They offer both heated and unheated space to keep your most precious belongings safe, and they can accommodate anything from a few boxes to an RV or car. Check out their website for an overview of their self-storage and parking services, and call them at (907) 563-3287 to inquire about availability. 

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