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3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Driving School Instructor March 27, 2018

Beechwood, Rochester
3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Driving School Instructor, Rochester, New York

Learning how to drive from a professional is important. Not only does it provide the information you need to obtain a license, but it also helps ensure you stay safe on the road. Whether you want to brush up on your skills or you’re training for a driver’s test, you should sign up for driving school. Here are a few questions you should ask to determine which instructor is right for you.

3 Pertinent Questions for Driving School Instructors

1. What Is Your Experience?

Ask prospective instructors about their qualifications and how long they’ve been teaching. The driving school should belong to a credible national organization, such as The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association or The Driving School Association of the Americas. These organizations provide materials and training to help instructors stay current with modern learning methods and driving skills. You should also check with your local DMV to see if the driving school is licensed by your state.

2. Is There a Pick-Up Service Provided?

driving schoolIt can be difficult at times to get a ride on a regular basis. Some parents may have to work full-time while others need to use the vehicle at the same time as the driving lesson is scheduled. Many facilities understand this dilemma and provide a convenient pick-up service to those who don’t have a means of transportation.

3. Could You Describe Your Teaching Method?

Not every instructor uses the same method for teaching their students how to drive. Some offer instruction tailored to help you pass the written exam and road test for obtaining a license; others emphasize more general lessons that will make you a well-rounded and capable driver. Consider your goals before choosing a school.


If you’re interested in taking driving lessons, set up an appointment with an expert at Morgan School of Driving. With locations in Rochester, Greece, and Fairport, NY, this local driving school has been in business since 1943 and offers a wide range of classes that will suit any level of driver. They excel at customer service and provide flexible scheduling opportunities, so call (585) 425-2410 today to speak with a representative. You may also visit their website for additional information on available lessons.

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