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Dothan Physical Therapy Providers Explain Advanced Aquatics March 23, 2018

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Dothan Physical Therapy Providers Explain Advanced Aquatics, Dothan, Alabama

Physical therapy relies on a wide range of techniques and modalities to decrease pain, improve function, and increase mobility. One of these techniques — advanced aquatics — harnesses the buoyancy benefits of water to reduce the stress and pressure on joints and muscles that can result from typical exercise programs. To help you understand more, the experienced team at Physical Therapy Specialists in Dothan, AL, answer some basic questions about this innovative treatment.

A Guide to the Use of Advanced Aquatics in Physical Therapy

What Is Advanced Aquatics? 

physical-therapistsAquatic therapy takes place in a heated pool under the supervision of a physical therapist skilled in water therapy programs. Exercises can be carried out using only the resistance of the water or with additional equipment, such as underwater treadmills, swim currents, weights, and cycles. Also, water jets and hoses can be used for manual therapy. Depending on your condition, the water can be used for either stimulation or relaxation purposes.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Aquatics?

From functional issues to breathing and neurologic problems, water therapy can benefit several health conditions. Back pain, arthritis, sports injury rehabilitation, balance disorders, pregnancy-related pain, and recovery from joint replacement surgery are just some of the most common health problems that can be treated with this technique.

What Are the Benefits?

Water has natural resistance properties, making exercises more effective. It also reduces the compression force typically associated with land-based physical therapy exercises, and the pressure from the water helps prevent swelling and muscle damage. The water is kept at a therapeutic temperature that helps make it easier to perform the exercises while reducing pain. It’s also naturally relaxing, allowing for improved flexibility and blood flow. Many people also find that exercising in a pool is simply more enjoyable than in a standard setting, with the end result being improved mood, reduced stress, and a higher motivation to attend all program sessions.

The water is a great way to get back and stay in shape. To reap the many benefits of advanced aquatics, talk to the professionals at Physical Therapy Specialists about their water-based programs. Whether you’re seeking pain relief or injury rehabilitation, their experienced physical therapists will conduct a full assessment of your condition and recommend an individualized treatment plan to restore your function, mobility, and overall quality of life. To schedule a consultation, call (334) 673-2422 today.

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