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How Do You Decide Between Roof Repair or Replacement? March 22, 2018

South Bend, Pacific
How Do You Decide Between Roof Repair or Replacement?, South Bend, Washington

Completely replacing your roof probably wasn’t on your radar until a recent storm ripped off a few shingles. However, now that you’re facing a major expense, you might be wondering whether simple roof repairs would be sufficient or if you need a complete replacement. Deciding between the two isn’t easy, but there are a few factors to look at that can help when making your decision.

How to Choose Between Roof Repair & Replacement

1. Age

Provided high-quality workmanship and materials were involved, your roof should last at least 20 years. If it isn’t that old yet, roof repairs might be a more economical solution that can extend its life by another 10 to 20 years. However, if it’s 15 years or older, a total replacement is likely the better route.

2. Type of Damage

roof repairA few missing shingles are easily replaced, but large patches of empty spaces, granules in your gutters and downspouts, and damaged fascia might not be worth repairing. It’s difficult to find replacements that perfectly match the old shingles, which can result in an eyesore for your home’s curb appeal. In this instance, replacement is usually better than patchwork roof repairs.

3. Cost

Roof repairs usually seem like the more affordable route, but when you look at the long-term costs, you might be better with a replacement. Certain roof repairs only extend their life by a few years. Choosing a replacement could result in significant savings, especially in terms of increased energy efficiency. Getting an estimate from an experienced roofing contractor can help you determine which option offers greater long-term savings.


The decision between roof repairs and total replacement isn’t an easy one for any homeowner. If you need a skilled roofing contractor to help determine which is right for you, turn to the experts at Coastline Roofing and Construction in South Bend, WA. They have a keen understanding of the effects that weather in the Pacific Northwest can have on your home’s roof and will perform any repairs or replacement so that you and your family stay warm and dry. These general contractors also handle other home remodeling projects, including siding, windows, and gutters and downspouts. Visit them online or call (360) 942-9713 today to learn more about their services.

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