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5 Beautiful Ways to Personalize a Headstone for Your Loved One March 24, 2018

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5 Beautiful Ways to Personalize a Headstone for Your Loved One, Le Roy, New York

If you’ve picked out a stately headstone or monument to honor your loved one, you may want to add something to make it more personal and special. From remembrance candles to flowers, there are many options that make it memorable. Here are a few choices to beautify gravestones. 

5 Additions to Make a Monument Special

1. Porcelain Dedo Pictures

Place a photo of your loved one cast in porcelain on the monument. Pick out a favorite picture of them and have a headstone company add it to their marker. You can choose a black and white or colored photograph. The porcelain casting ensures their picture will last for years to come. 

2. Lights

Lights add a bright, ethereal beauty and come in a variety of solar or eternal lights to illuminate headstones. They can honor the way your loved one lit up the lives of those they knew in life. 

3. Remembrance Candles

MonumentRemembrance candles come in flameless, solar-powered or battery-powered options. You can also choose a traditional candle. To personalize it, add a photo of your loved one on the side or a passage or saying that was meaningful to them. Candlelight represents the way their legacy lives on beyond death, making this a beautiful way to commemorate their life. 

4. Cemetery Flower Urns & In-Ground Vases 

Did they love flowers? In-ground vases or flower urns are lovely accents to personalize a monument. You can fill the vase with their favorite bouquet to pay them tribute. 

5. Veterans’ Grave Markers Attachments

If your friend or loved one served in the military, you can get special bronze attachments that depict the seal of their branch for their gravestone. This serves as an admirable way to show gratitude for their service to their country.  


If you’ve lost a loved one and are looking for a headstone to honor their life, contact Derrick Monument Company Inc in Le Roy, NY. This family-owned and -operated business truly cares about their customers. They work hard to ensure each gravestone is custom made exactly to your wishes. They offer lighting, on-site grave marker lettering, a beautiful selection of markers, power washing, gravestone repair, and restoration. To learn more about how they’ll help, visit their website or call at (585) 768-8470. 

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