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What to Ask Before You Sign Up for Personal Training March 23, 2018

North Beacon Hill, Seattle
What to Ask Before You Sign Up for Personal Training, Seattle, Washington

Getting fit on your own isn’t easy. Group fitness training can motivate you to work out more, but many people don’t see success until they begin personal training sessions. However, it’s important to pick the right person to motivate, encourage, and work with you. Below are a few questions to ask any potential trainers.

4 Questions You Should Ask Before You Start Your Personal Training Sessions

What Are Your Qualifications?

You want to work with a personal trainer who has the proper qualifications to do the job. They may have personal training certifications or a related college degree. They should also stay informed on current best practices by completing continuing education credits. While many aren’t afraid to show what they know, anyone who avoids the question may not be qualified.

Do You Have a Specialty?

Some trainers specialize in a certain type of training. For example, they may help with weight management, building muscle, or training for a marathon. They may also be certified in teaching different programs, such as TRX Core®. The more experience they have with the type of training you’re looking for, the better they can help you reach your goals.

How Can You Help Me Reach My Goals?

personal trainingBefore you start training, you should have a conversation about your overall fitness goals and how to reach them. Personal training may be only a part of your workout routine, and you should have a clear idea on what to do on the days you work out alone. Additionally, your trainer should design a fitness program that helps you reach your goals to make sure that every workout counts.

What Is Your Training Style?

You don’t have to become best friends with your personal trainer, but it’s important that their training style works for you. Some people respond well to boot-camp style where the trainer is yelling at them to work harder and faster. Others prefer some gentle encouragement. The right trainer for you will keep you accountable to your goals, but they must also make it easy to talk about your goals and plans.


Whether you’re an athlete or a couch potato, you can benefit from a personal training session. At Ishifit, Keegan Thorpe specializes in strength training and weight management to help you get in shape in the Seattle, WA, area. With the help of a mobile app, he makes it easy for you to track your workouts and reach your goals. After personally experiencing the difficult road to get into shape after an injury, Keegan Thorpe is deeply invested in his job. Visit the website or call (206) 250-7509 to get started on your fitness journey.