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Series 3, Part 4: How Does Door Frame Corrosion Affect Building Security During Storms? April 16, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 3, Part 4: How Does Door Frame Corrosion Affect Building Security During Storms?, Brighton, Michigan

This week, Door Innovation will discuss how to keep your door frame secure during floods and hurricanes. Last week’s article dealt with how coastal environments cause corrosion. Those in storm-prone coastal areas should pay just as much attention this week, when Door Innovation discusses why it’s risky to ignore a corroded metal door frame.

The Question: How Can Door Frame Corrosion Affect Storm Building Security?

Storms, especially hurricanes, challenge buildings’ structural integrity in a number of ways. With airborne debris, wind force, and flood waters, corroded metal door frames are up against powerful forces in extreme weather. Here’s a breakdown of what causes most doors and frames to fail in such circumstances.

The Answer: It Increases Risk From These 3 Forces

  • Corroded Metal Door FrameDebris Impact: Objects are often abandoned after evacuations. Storms might break down tree branches or pick up items from streets or houses. Wind-borne projectiles have an extra risk. If they hit a corroded metal door frame, door hinge, or window, it can open up the structure to wind and water. When a building’s walls are breached, wind force increases and internal damage can result.
  • Water Leakage & Intrusion: Corroded metal door frames present another issue for business owners. As the corrosion eats away at the door frame, a small gap opens, allowing water to intrude upon the building. Moisture not only disturbs the building’s structural integrity, but it also expedites further corrosion.
  • Wind Pressure: Corrosion is likely to reduce a metal door’s ability to withstand wind force. The most common way for wind to destroy a door system is through negative pressure. Wind acting on the door from the outside creates a vacuum inside the building that essentially tries to pull the door in. As if a corroded metal door frame wasn’t up against enough during a hurricane!

Keep your property safe during extreme weather by getting rid of any corrosion. Door Innovation’s Jamb Patch is a do-it-yourself corrosion remedy. Simply remove the corroded part of your door frame and install the Jamb Patch as instructed. It’ll reinforce your door and restore its original function, keeping bad weather out. Call Door Innovation today at (810) 227-7111 or visit their website to get your Jamb Patch.