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5 Signs Your Cat Needs a Pet Hospital March 27, 2018

5 Signs Your Cat Needs a Pet Hospital, Maui County, Hawaii

Being a good cat owner requires knowing when a trip to your local pet hospital is called for. While normal behavior for cats can vary, the following occurrences often signal that your cat is suffering from a medical issue and should be evaluated by a skilled vet.

5 Indications Your Cat Should Go to the Pet Hospital

1. Cold Symptoms

Cats can suffer from the same types of cold symptoms as people, which includes symptoms like runny noses and coughs. While a cold is not necessarily a serious matter, other conditions are—and they can present with similar symptoms. Visit your vet just to be safe, and make sure your cat is up to date on their shots.

2. Lethargy

Let’s face it; cats are notoriously lazy. However, a cat that prefers sleep to food or attention may be suffering from an ailment. A lack of appetite can be a serious issue for cats, even if it only lasts a few days. As a result, it pays to get a vet’s opinion on an overly sleepy cat.

3. Loud Meows

pet hospitalCats less prone to vocalizing that suddenly begin meowing loudly and frequently could be trying to tell you something. While it might be a less serious concern, like calls for attention or food, it could also signal that your cat is in pain. If uncharacteristic meowing persists, seeking out veterinary service is recommended.

4. Excessive Grooming

Cats keep themselves clean by grooming, as most cat owners are well-aware. But excessive grooming is another issue altogether and may even result in hair loss. If you feel your cat is grooming more than normal, or if you notice missing patches of hair, medical treatment might be necessary.

5. Failure to Use a Litter Box

If your cat is properly trained and fails to use their litter box, they may be suffering from an illness. If the litter box is kept clean—many cats are particular—a cat that is suddenly having accidents throughout your home might be experiencing digestive troubles due to infections or other problems.


As a trusted Maui animal hospital, Wailuku Pet Clinic is dedicated to treating your beloved pet like one of their own. Along with preventative treatments, this kind and caring team can also address serious medical issues afflicting your pet and keep them happy and healthy. Learn more about the full range of services offered by this pet hospital by visiting them online. You can also call (808) 244-7275 to schedule an appointment today.

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