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Take Part in Amazing Public Speaking Classes That Will Free You From Fear! April 23, 2015

Murray Hill, Manhattan
Take Part in Amazing Public Speaking Classes That Will Free You From Fear!, Manhattan, New York

The fear of public speaking is one that is shared by countless people everywhere; that sinking, “deer-in-headlights” feeling is familiar to most individuals who have ever had to face a large audience. But with the right kind of approach, just about any fear can be overcome. Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants in NYC is a new company that’s dedicated to helping people transcend their crowd-related apprehensions. Their revolutionary public speaking workshops, speech coaching, and communication classes have already helped numerous clients—even severely phobic ones—feel at ease at the podium.

Though the majority of public speaking courses endorse traditional methods that don't work for everybody, Embodied Minds focuses on techniques that allow you to really get to the bottom of your fears. You’ll learn to visualize success, and to practice breathing and relaxation techniques. You'll also learn to come to terms with "worst case scenarios," and mentally visit your speaking space ahead of time, to familiarize yourself with it. 

You'll also learn to take the pressure off of yourself by realizing that your audience is, in reality, in the same boat as you are. In fact, most people will empathize more with you if you do seem to be a bit nervous.

Plus, you'll learn to get the most of your right side of your brain—which controls creativity and creative visualization—and the left side of your brain, which controls logic. As a result, you’ll be utilizing the best of both kinds of coping mechanisms, and before you know it, your fear of public speaking will be gone.

To find out more, contact Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants at (646) 688-2996. Private lessons are available, and all initial consultations are free, so call today!