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Ready to Play Ball? Useful Tips for Teaching a Child How to Swing a Baseball Bat March 21, 2018

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Ready to Play Ball? Useful Tips for Teaching a Child How to Swing a Baseball Bat, Cincinnati, Ohio

Before your child is ready for the big leagues, they’ll first have to start with some baseball basics, like the proper batting technique. The first step to developing a home run swing is finding the right bat. With decades of experience as Cincinnati, OH’s top local sporting goods store, Siefert's Sports Center has you covered for baseball supplies, custom baseball caps, team uniforms, and all other sport equipment needs.

Store owner Art Siefert is also a former professional baseball player and no stranger to batting techniques. Here, the staff offers these tips to help you and your child make the most out of baseball season this year.

Picking the Right Bat

When it comes to picking the right youth bat, you need to consider the length-to-weight ratio, also referred to as the bat’s drop. If it’s your child’s first time stepping up to the plate, they will need a lightweight bat that matches their size. For first-time players, the lighter the better. To size up the bat’s length, do the arm test. Simply place the bottom of the bat’s barrel on the ground next to your child’s leg. The palm of their hand should comfortably grip the bat.

Getting a Grip

Once you’ve got the right bat, the next step is to learn the proper grip. Teach your player to grip the bat hand-over-hand with the pinky of the top hand touching the bottom hand’s pointer finger. Righties should have their right hand on top, while lefties keep their left on top.

Practicing Your Stance

sports equipmentJust like in many other sports, it’s critical to know proper stance positions in baseball so you can be ready for action. A good batting stance means the feet are slightly wider than shoulder distance, the knees are bent and in-line with the toes, and you have an athletic bend in the waist. You should also keep your eyes on the pitcher and have your wrists at shoulder level while holding the bat.

Knocking It Out the Park

Now it’s time to knock it out of the park. In preparing to swing, the player should always keep their eyes on the ball. The player generates power by rotating on the back toe and turning their hips as they swing the bat. A tight, compact swing will pack more power and be more level and accurate than a long swing. As the bat connects with the ball, hands should be in palm up/palm down position.

These steps can be a lot for young players to take in all at once. Often, the best way for young players to develop good habits is through imitation. Model the proper grip, stance, and swing, and let your child practice and repeat.

To get your young ballplayer ready for the game, make sure they have the proper equipment and attire. Siefert's Sports Center has all the baseball and sports equipment you’ll need, including baseballs, gloves, and even custom uniforms and caps for teams. Stop by the shop or give them a call at (513) 445-4057 for any of your sporting goods needs.

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