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3 Common Well Problems That Require Pump Repairs March 21, 2018

Bremerton, Kitsap
3 Common Well Problems That Require Pump Repairs, Bremerton, Washington

The average well pump lasts at least 20 years assuming it is properly maintained. However, most homeowners can expect to deal with some pump problems over the years. When these issues occur, pump repair from Coolwater Drilling in Shelton, WA, recommends getting professional help to avoid unnecessary damage to your water systems or too much of an inconvenience. Here, the experts share when you should schedule service.

When to Get Pump Repairs

1. No Water

One common sign of a bad pump is when your well stops delivering water. If the issue is power, this is usually easy to fix. Check the service panel and circuit breaker to see if the breaker has been tripped. Switch it on and off again. If the power isn’t the problem, the issue could be a clog inside the foot valve or strainer, a bad priming plug, or a damaged circuit breaker.

2. Strange Water

pump repairChanges in your water may indicate a pump issue. Look out for changes in the appearance, taste, and smell of your water. For example, murky water might be a sign your pump needs to be taken apart and cleaned out. Refrain from drinking the water until a professional addresses the problem.

3. High Utility Bills

Just as with any electrical system, a pump needs to work harder to compensate for a worn part. As the pump tries to maintain proper water pressure, it will run continuously or cycle on and off all day long. You’ll notice your energy bill slowly increasing even when you reduce your water usage.

Do you need helping correcting these problems? Coolwater Drilling has been the trusted source of well maintenance and pump repair in Mason and Kitsap counties for nearly 40 years. Their team is fully licensed, insured, and bonded so you can trust that your property is in good hands. Call (360) 830-9005 for Bremerton or (360) 426-3545 for their Shelton, WA, location to schedule a free no-obligation estimate, and visit them online for more information on their service area.

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