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5 Components of an Estimate a Home Remodeling Contractor Should Include March 21, 2018

Rosedale, Baltimore County
5 Components of an Estimate a Home Remodeling Contractor Should Include, Rosedale, Maryland

Choosing to remodel any part of your home can be a great investment. It adds value and keeps things fresh for those who live there. If you’re in the process of assessing estimates from home remodeling contractors, you should look for certain items to determine whether it’s a good deal. Here are five areas you’ll want to focus on.

5 Parts of an Estimate Your Home Remodeling Contractor Should Provide

1. Timeline

How fast do the contractors say they can complete the work? You want to hire a professional who gets things done efficiently. However, consider factors such as working conditions and material purchase; there are many points that may slow the process, which the contractor may have figured into the estimate. Ask them to break down their plan so you can understand what they will do every day.

2. List of Costs

Make sure you know what you’re paying for. The breakdown of expenses in the estimate should include items like labor, materials, and more. Examine each category and do some research to see if the estimated price sounds reasonable.

3. Quality of Materials

home remodeling contractorAsk the builder how they choose their materials: some are loyal to certain types because they are experienced with them, despite their price tag. Inquire about the quality of the materials as it will determine how the result will age. Ask who their suppliers are and research the names they give you.

4. Clear Communication

If you’re going to work with someone, you need to know they’re easy to get along with. Do they submit their proposals on time? How helpfully do they answer all your questions? Do reviews from previous clients mention any communication issues? Consider these factors to gauge their quality of customer service.

5. Necessary Permits

Before you undertake any endeavor, learn what permits will be necessary to complete it. Cities and counties require various documentation, and without these, your project will stall. The estimate should describe whether you or the client is responsible for procuring these.


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