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3 Dashboard Lights You Should Address Right Away March 19, 2018

Woodbridge, New Haven County
3 Dashboard Lights You Should Address Right Away, Woodbridge, Connecticut

You depend on your car to get where you need to go — so naturally, one of your first priorities should be to address auto repair issues as quickly as possible. For most drivers, the easiest way to know that something is wrong is when a dashboard warning light appears. But which lights should you watch out for, and what do they mean? Here’s your guide to a few common red flags.

Top 3 Dashboard Lights That May Indicate You Need Auto Repair

1. Oil Pressure Warning

Your engine needs oil to run smoothly. If you’re running low on oil or using deteriorated fluid, expect to see a red image that looks similar to a genie’s lamp. Left unaddressed, the unlubricated engine parts will generate intense friction and heat, causing it to overheat and potentially fail.

2. Check Engine Light

auto repairThe check engine light is the most alarming dashboard warning. While some vehicles use illuminated text, the dashboard light in most cars has a shape like a distorted block with added propellers on three sides. This warning may indicate a wide range of auto repair issues, such as worn spark plugs or oxygen sensors, or a damaged catalytic converter.

3. Anti-Lock Brake Warning

Many modern cars use anti-lock brakes for improved control and safety. If something goes wrong with the system, a yellow circle containing the letters “ABS” should appear on your dashboard. In an emergency situation, these brakes may fail to engage and stop your car.


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