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3 Helpful Tips for Parents Who Are Sending Their Kids to Sleepaway Camp December 28, 2018

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3 Helpful Tips for Parents Who Are Sending Their Kids to Sleepaway Camp, Scarsdale, New York

Sending your child to sleepaway camp during the summer can have many benefits. For one, it will ensure they stay active and follow a structured schedule. Additionally, it fosters healthy cognitive, physical, and social development when school is no longer in session. Still, preparing to send your child away for the first time can be new and unfamiliar. To make the transition easier, follow the steps below.

3 Ways for Parents to Prepare for Sending the Kids to Sleepaway Camp

1. Find the Best Camp

To ensure a rewarding experience for your child, make sure the camp you choose aligns with their personality and favorite activities. For instance, if they have an interest in performing or creative arts, seek out a summer camp that offers those activities. Or, if your child gravitates toward athletics, a sports camp is likely best. Some camps even offer programs for all preferences to encourage attendees to try new experiences.

2. Set Expectations

sleepaway campGoodbyes will be much simpler if you set expectations for the sleepaway camp experience in advance. Explain to your little one what they can do if they start feeling homesick, whether it’s writing letters or calling, but that you expect them to use this time to enjoy fun adventures. A great way to spur excitement for the experience is to show your kid the many wonderful activities in store for them, either through brochures, videos, or online resources.

3. Enjoy a Trip of Your Own

If you can’t recall the last time you enjoyed your own “grown-up” vacation, now is the time to put one on your calendar. Even if it’s just a mini-getaway, taking a trip will give you the opportunity to enjoy some time all to yourself. Plus, when you find yourself missing your child, being in a different environment can help keep your spirits up.


If you’re seeking a thrilling sleepaway camp where your child will enjoy the arts, athletics, and outdoor adventures, turn to Camp Eagle Hill in Elizaville, NY. With a broad range of programs available, this fun-loving facility ensures ongoing supervision with high staff-to-camper ratios. If you have a child between the ages of six and sixteen and would like to learn more about enrollment, visit the camp online or call (914) 725-4876 today.  

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