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3 Poisonous Bulbs to Keep Away From Your Dog March 21, 2018

Walworth, Wayne
3 Poisonous Bulbs to Keep Away From Your Dog, Walworth, New York

Many plants are harmless to pets, but some can cause serious health issues. If you have a dog and a garden, beware of potentially harmful plants for your dog to swallow. There are several bulb plants that can cause a variety of problems for them, and you want to keep them far away from your dog kennel

3 Varieties of Bulbs Toxic to Dogs 

1. Tulips

Tulip bulbs are one of the most toxic to dogs, so if you have them in your yard, avoid letting your dog spend time outside unsupervised. You could also buy a dog kennel to keep them in if you won’t be present, so they won’t have access to your garden. If they ingested any tulip bulbs, take them to the vet as soon as possible. Although most of the poison is in the bulb, the stem and flowers are also caustic to their system. Ingestion of these plants can cause health issues, including heart problems, convulsions or tremors, upset stomach, and loss of appetite. 

Dog Kennel2. Amaryllis

The only toxic portion of amaryllis plants to dogs are the bulbs, and they can cause tremors, depression, abdominal pain, digestive issues, and vomiting. You’ll want to keep them out of reach, and to ensure they don’t dig them up; they should be kept in an area where they don’t have access to it, or put them in a dog kennel when you aren’t around. 

3. Daffodils 

Daffodil bulbs are poisonous and can be fatal if they’re eaten. Common symptoms of ingestion are similar to those previously mentioned, such as loss of appetite, stomach problems, heart issues, and tremors. Since daffodils can cause death if they’re consumed in large quantities, take your dog to an animal clinic right away if you notice they’ve eaten any. Whether you have these plants inside or outside, keep them away from the dog kennel. It may be smart to train your dog to stay away from your garden as well. 


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