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6 Photography Basics to Improve Your Shots March 16, 2018

Flushing, Queens
6 Photography Basics to Improve Your Shots, Queens, New York

Are you new to photography? Taking the time to learn the basics — like lighting and exposure — will give you a solid foundation for more advanced techniques down the road. AM Design Studio in Flushing, NY, has shared a few essential things that every aspiring photographer should learn.

6 Crucial Photography Skills

1. Your Camera’s Features

Any professional will tell you that the secret to a perfect shot is knowing how your camera operates. Don’t be intimidated by the numerous buttons and dials on your DSLR. While it’s tempting to keep it set to ‘auto’ and start snapping, spend time becoming familiar with its technical features. Experiment with different shutter speeds, make sure you understand the exposure triangle, and take practice shots using various shooting modes.

2. Exposure

Exposure refers to the brightness or darkness of a photo and is one of the most basic elements in photography. Proper exposure requires you to balance three things: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings. An underexposed photo will be too dark, while an overexposed photo will be too bright.

3. Shutter Speed

This setting will determine how long the shutter of the camera is left open for. A faster shutter speed helps capture live-action shots — like a sporting event — while a slower shutter speed is ideal for capturing moving water.

4. Aperture

Also referred to as f-stop, the aperture is the size of the hole that lets light pass through the lens. An aperture that’s opened up will allow a lot of light to come through, while a closed down aperture will lessen the amount of light.

5. ISO

photographyIn photography, ISO scales how sensitive film or a camera’s digital sensor is to light. The scale ranges from 25 or 50 to 6,400; the higher the ISO number, the more sensitive your camera will be to light. This is ideal for shooting in dim conditions where you need all of the available light you can.

6. Lighting

Lighting dictates the contrast, shape, shadows, and texture in your photos. Experiment by taking shots outside at different times of the day, as well as inside using various light sources — like natural light through a window or the artificial lighting of a lamp. The two main concepts that every new photographer needs to learn about lighting are position and strength.

  • Position: The location of your lighting source has a major impact on your shot. Front lighting brings out detail, side lighting creates shadows and depth, and backlighting helps photos “pop” by creating a halo-like effect.
  • Strength: Beginners should focus on the differences between soft light and hard light. Hard light will produce dark shadows, while soft lighting creates a subtler transition between light and dark areas.

Every photographer starts somewhere, so take this knowledge and spend some time practices with your camera. AM Design Studio has the photography know-how your brand needs to stand out. They offer innovative print and digital services, including graphic design, web development, menus, and large format printing. Learn more online or by calling them today at (347) 732-9271.

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