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Do’s & Don’ts of Wine Tasting March 20, 2018

Sugar Creek, Clinton
Do’s & Don’ts of Wine Tasting, Sugar Creek, Illinois

Many people enjoy wine, but not everyone knows how to differentiate between levels of acidity, flavors, or quality. Attending a wine tasting led by an experienced sommelier is your opportunity to train and sharpen your taste buds. But before you go, the staff at Hidden Lake Winery & Banquet Center in Aviston, IL, are here to discuss some of the rules of etiquette you need to know while at the tasting.


Ask questions.

While you sip, don’t be afraid to ask the sommelier for more information about a wine, such as the variety of grape or how it’s made. It’s their job as the host of the tasting to provide you with more background about the wine. This will help you to appreciate it and make the most of the tasting.  

Cleanse between.

To taste the differences between each wine, cleanse between glasses. Drink water, which will also help to keep you hydrated, or nibble on some crackers.


Hold the bowl.

wineNever hold the glass by the bowl as the heat from your hand will change the temperature of the wine. You’ll also leave fingerprints. It’s proper to hold it by the stem of the glass.

Chug the glass.

There’s more to a tasting than just drinking the wine, so never chug it. Instead, use your senses to learn about it. Look at the color, take in the aroma, and enjoy the flavors.

Whether you’re looking for a date night outing or a party with friends, a wine tasting event is sure to make everyone happy. Hidden Lake Winery & Banquet Center in Aviston, IL, produces their own wine made from locally grown grapes and offers a wide menu selection to complement your evening. They also have a banquet venue for weddings and private cabins for a romantic getaway. Call (618) 228-9111 to schedule a tasting or visit their website for more information. 

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