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3 Characteristics to Look for in Baby & Toddler Shoes March 9, 2018

Enterprise, Clark
3 Characteristics to Look for in Baby & Toddler Shoes, Enterprise, Nevada

Finding the perfect pair of shoes for anyone can be tricky, but it’s especially challenging to shop for a great pair of baby or toddler shoes. Kids can’t always express their preferences, and it may take some trial and error to find the pair that’s most comfortable. Thanks to the team at Pediped Infant Footwear, shoe shopping just got easier — and more enjoyable. Since 2005, the company has touted its footwear as the “next best thing to bare feet.”

3 Characteristics to Look for in Baby & Toddler Shoes

1. Safety Features

toddler shoesIt’s no secret that babies and toddlers like to move around. To accommodate their active lifestyles, it’s smart to select footwear that is designed to stay put. Velcro straps provide a great solution, as they’re simple to strap on and off. If you opt for laces, make sure they can be double knotted for extra security.

2. Comfortable Material

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a tight baby or toddler shoe. You can minimize the possibility by choosing shoes that are made with soft, malleable materials that allow their feet to breathe. Steer clear of synthetic fabrics and firm leathers, which aren’t breathable and may impede movements. Inspect the soles, too — they should bend easily and provide strong traction to prevent slips and falls.

3. Excellent Fit

Even a shoe made of the best materials can be ill-fitting. It’s important to try on baby and toddler shoes at the right time of the day. For most people, that’s evening — when the feet are just slightly swollen from a day of moving around. If you purchase your child’s shoes later in the day, you can be confident that they’ll fit well. You can also use a guide to properly measuring their feet. Test the shoes inside the house first so that they don’t get dirty; inspect your child’s feet for any spots that look red or otherwise irritated.

Your child should always be comfortable and ready to go. Pediped Infant Footwear specializes in infant footwear and toddler shoes as well as options for older kids. Visit their website to browse their extensive range of slip-resistant, water-safe, and ultra-light shoes, or give them a call (702) 567-0311.

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