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Burgers & Beer: Why They're a Sports Bar Staple March 20, 2018

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Burgers & Beer: Why They're a Sports Bar Staple, Cincinnati, Ohio

There are few things more pleasurable in life than juicy burgers and ice-cold beers. Widely beloved across the nation, this quintessentially American pairing provides one of the most budget-friendly ways to satisfy your palate while kicking back with friends and family. Kitty’s Sports Grill of Cincinnati, OH, wants you to know more about why going out for burgers and beer is such a widespread national pastime. Continue reading for additional information from your local sports bar.

Why Burgers & Beers Are a Popular Sports Bar Pairing


Of all the possible food and drink pairings, burgers and beer will most likely get you the most for your money. No matter who you are or what you do for a living, burgers and beer tend to be the great equalizer, since just about anyone can afford them. They’re also typically available in a range of price points that will fit into most budgets.


sports barWhen it comes to burgers and beers, the possibilities are practically endless. Whether you want classic cheddar with lettuce and tomatoes or Swiss with mushrooms and bacon, the topping and condiment options for burgers are versatile. Beer, too, comes in so many different varieties, from ales and lagers to porters and IPAs.


Once you enjoy these two favorites together, you’ll realize that they are truly the perfect match. The juicy and savory flavors of burgers wash down nicely with the malty and earthy essence of beer. Before you know it, you simply won’t be able to enjoy one without the other, and the pairing will be your go-to order at your local sports bar.

The next time you want to take advantage of happy hour while enjoying your favorite bar foods, head on down to Kitty's Sports Grill with friends and family. Give this sports bar a call at (513) 421-8900 to speak with a staff member about daily specials. Visit them online to browse through their lunch, brunch, and dinner menus.

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