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How Summer Camp Will Enhance Your Child's Learning April 24, 2018

How Summer Camp Will Enhance Your Child's Learning, Manhattan, New York

Most kids look forward to giving their brains a chance to rest over summer break. But "the summer slide" is a very real thing, and it's not uncommon for young learners to lose some of their academic skills during the off-season. This is where summer camp comes in. These programs will enhance your child's learning experiences and get them ready for the school year ahead. Below are a few ways these goals are accomplished.

Continue Challenging Areas of Study

If a child is just gaining mastery over a specific subject area, the break from school could pose a threat to their progress. With summer camp, your child will continue delving into challenging areas of study, keeping their brain active and plugged in, and avoiding the learning dip that often accompanies extended time off. Studies estimate the average student loses the equivalent of one month of learning over summer vacation, but you can take solid steps to avoid this loss by enrolling your child in a camp program.

Get a Well-Rounded Education

summer campMany summer camps give students a full, well-rounded education. Your child won't be stuck in one long math class or one interminable English lesson every day for the entire break. Instead, they will have equal time with a variety of subjects and materials, providing a comprehensive learning experience that balances an array of different topics and lessons. Also, your child could be introduced to new subjects that spark their interest and inspire further study.

Develop Social Skills & Networks

Away from the pressures of a traditional classroom, students are more likely to relax and have fun. This makes the entire atmosphere of summer camp different from the mood inside a classic schoolroom. The opportunities to develop and refine social skills and make new friends are crucial parts of the summer camp experience, and they will benefit kids both in their learning adventures and throughout their lives.


FasTracKids offers a Super Kids Summer Camp for young people in the Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY, areas. Blending education, art, music, and fitness, this course is perfect for students who are looking to keep up with their academic interests while having fun with friends. Give them a call today at (718) 260-8100 to discuss enrollment, and visit their website for more information on their program.

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