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3 Safety Tips All Electricians Want You to Know March 26, 2018

Rochester, Rochester, NY
3 Safety Tips All Electricians Want You to Know, Rochester, New York

Your home depends on the electrical system every day, and without proper maintenance from a licensed electrician, you risk serious peril in performing even the most routine tasks. As the property owner, it’s up to you to ensure your electrical setup is in excellent shape year-round so you can enjoy consistent, safe access to your lighting and appliances. Here are a few tips for safely addressing electrical issues.

3 Vital Electrical Safety Tips 

1. Beware of Shocks

Your outlets are in high demand, and when they’re overloaded, it can create a major health hazard at home. If you’ve experienced a shock or jolt when plugging in an appliance or turning on a light switch, it may indicate a shortage. Call an electrician to find the source of the problem so they can reconfigure the wiring for safe use. 

2. Watch for Flickering

electriciansFlickering lights can happen for any number of reasons, from a major storm to normal operational issues. In many cases, however, constantly flickering lights are a sign that you have faulty wiring. Your electrical contractor will look for a glaring problem with the wiring in a particular room of the home or the wiring running directly to the fuse box. If your light flickers for more than a moment during the day, call for immediate repairs to avoid a house fire.

3. Inspect Wobbling Fans

Ceiling fans are designed to flex a bit as they turn, but severe wobbling is a cause for concern. If the fan’s base moves at all while on low or high speeds, it has probably fallen off balance or its wiring has become unstable — both of which are extreme safety hazards for your family. While many homeowners assume they can tighten or replace the fan themselves, the job is better left to a qualified electrician as the wiring within the unit poses a risk of shock. 


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