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How to Find the Best Antique Jewelry March 15, 2018

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How to Find the Best Antique Jewelry , Greece, New York

Do you love dressing up? Do glittering costume jewels and flashy pearls always seem to catch your eye? If you’re a vintage fashionista, you may be on the hunt for a great gem you can add to your collection. Here’s how you can find the best antique jewelry to make your next outfit more glamorous.

Helpful Guide to Buying Antique Jewelry

1. Have an Eye for Quality

Vintage costume jewelry can come at varying prices, but it’s important to invest in beautiful pieces in good condition to create the most authentic look. The highest quality jewels will have a weight to them with a sturdier feel and finish. If you’re unsure, look to high-end end manufacturers like Eisenberg® or Schiaparelli® the next time you visit your local antique store.

2. Look for Unique Features 

antique jewelryWearing antique jewelry is all about expressing yourself; there may be a dozen pieces by a high-end designer, but don’t buy them if none catch your eye. It’s better to buy a piece from a moderately-priced manufacturer if it’s a style you know you’ll wear again.

3. Beware of Knockoffs

A piece that looks brand new may have been restored, but be careful; it could be a sign that it’s a knockoff. Ask your seller about the “patina” of a piece; a word that vintage sellers use to describe the sheen that antique jewelry gets after years of wear. This can help you discern whether or not the item is authentic.


Ultimately, the best way to get the antique jewelry of your costume dreams is to visit a vintage store with a solid reputation for quality pieces and knowledgeable sellers. All Things Antiques And Collectibles in Rochester, NY, has spent the past 15 years helping clients find beautiful, authentic vintage pieces. Their team of antique experts carefully evaluate each item for authenticity, so you know you’re getting the real deal. They also list current and upcoming estate sales, so you can find an amazing gem for your collection. Learn more about antique buying and selling jewelry on their website or call (585) 647-9320.