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What You Can Expect From an Initial Orthodontist Visit March 20, 2018

Potomac, Montgomery
What You Can Expect From an Initial Orthodontist Visit, Potomac, Maryland

If you’re seeing an orthodontist for the first time, you may wonder what you should expect from the initial consultation. Whether you’re a child getting a set of braces, someone older going in for adult braces, or a patient interested in Invisalign®, there are several basic steps in the process that are generally the same throughout. The following information will help you better understand what they are.

What You Should Expect From Your First Orthodontist Visit

Dental & Medical Review

OrthodontistEarly in the appointment, you and the doctor will review your general dental and medical records. This gives you an opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns. The doctor will gladly address them, helping you feel more comfortable with your treatment plan.


Although the doctor will most likely have information about your oral health already from your dentist, they’ll still want to perform a basic oral examination. This may include X-rays. The purpose is to directly see what your needs are, so they can determine the best course of treatment.

Treatment Plan

After reviewing your history and examining your mouth and teeth, the orthodontist will share with you their initial thoughts regarding a treatment plan. Depending on your needs, this plan may change when they have more time to assess your condition and evaluate how effective the preliminary plan is.

This is a second opportunity to ask questions. Orthodontic treatments, like braces, typically require patients to make routine appointments over the course of several months. You may want to use this time to learn more about what your responsibilities will be over the course of your treatment.


Don’t hesitate to ask questions. The more comfortable you are voicing your concerns, the easier it will be for the doctor to ease them. If you need a quality orthodontist, get in touch with Rad Orthodontics, with locations in Gaithersburg and Potomac, MD. They treat children, teens, and adults throughout the area, making sure all patients get the care they need. Contact them online for more information or call (301) 299-3993.

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