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Moving? 3 Items Only Your Movers Should Handle March 20, 2018

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Moving? 3 Items Only Your Movers Should Handle, Puyallup, Washington

If you’re hiring movers, let them do the hard work for you—don’t carry anything that would be safer handled by them. This may seem like obvious advice, but new customers don’t always realize the extent of their movers’ responsibilities, and sometimes try to move things that they shouldn’t. If you’ve hired a moving company, here are items best left to the professionals:

3 Items Best Handled by Professional Movers

1. Furniture

Furniture is always worth leaving to your movers. Even seemingly light chairs or sofas can be unwieldy or difficult to get through doors, and trying to do it yourself could cause bodily injury or material damage. When moving day arrives, don’t worry about helping your movers with furniture: They have the skills, experience, and tools to transfer everything safely.

movers2. Fragile Items & Art

It’s understandable to want to carry fragile items on your own, especially if they’re precious to you. However, doing so could do yourself a disservice, as you aren’t as qualified as your movers to handle fragile items. Just clearly mark them as “fragile,” and remind your movers of their value to you.

3. Empty Drawers & Desks

There are many things only a professional mover should handle—but on the other side of the coin, there are also things they shouldn’t. For example, don’t make your movers carry drawers full of items, as this will not only make them heavier but less predictable during loading and unloading. Always empty drawers, desks, chests, and other furniture pieces before moving day.


If you have a local or long-distance move coming up, let Safe to Go Movers do all the heavy lifting. Based out of Tacoma, WA, we are available for both commercial and residential moves, and are fully licensed and insured for work—we even provide discounts for seniors, students, disabled individuals, and members of the military. To request a free estimate, get in touch with us by phone at (253) 268-9400. More information about our services is available online.

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