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Why Restaurant Pizza Tastes Better Than Homemade Pizza March 19, 2018

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Why Restaurant Pizza Tastes Better Than Homemade Pizza, Oconto, Wisconsin

Even the most skilled home chef has a difficult time replicating the delicious pizza served at a restaurant. From the basic ingredients to the techniques and skills utilized, those made in a restaurant kitchen almost always turn out better than those you try to make at home. The following are a few reasons why professionals excel at making homemade pizza.

Why Restaurant Pizza Is Better

1. Better Ovens

To be fair to the average cook at home, restaurant chefs start off with an unfair advantage. Commercial kitchen equipment far surpasses your appliances when it comes to heating and cooking food effectively. The ovens used to make homemade pizza can reach temperatures over 500, which is advantageous when attempting to create a perfectly crunchy crust.

2. Fresher Ingredients

RestaurantThe produce, meat, and dairy available to a restaurant are hand selected by the chef who will always pick the best available. Superior to anything you can find in a grocery store, these ingredients are delivered from producer to consumer at a rapid pace that maximizes flavor and freshness. Using these items instead of those you can find at a grocery store guarantee better pizza.

3. More Time

Making homemade pizza is not an instant affair. To create a richly seasoned sauce, it must be prepared and simmered over low heat for hours. The dough must be left overnight to ferment fully to ensure the proper flavor. The chefs have spent years experimenting with ingredients and techniques to product finely tuned recipes.

Although it may be tempting to try to make your own at home, restaurant professionals are the best at crafting delicious homemade pizza. Wayne’s Family Restaurant, serving the Northern Oconto County of Wisconsin, is a restaurant with workers who delight their patrons with pizza, soups, and salads made lovingly by hand. Their award winning pies have fetched over 25 blue ribbons for their mouthwatering flavor. To learn more, call (920) 835-4262, or visit them online to browse the menu.
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