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Understanding the Do's & Don'ts of Creating Advertising Flyers for Your Business August 6, 2018

Palolo, Honolulu
Understanding the Do's & Don'ts of Creating Advertising Flyers for Your Business, Honolulu, Hawaii

From getting the word out about new store openings to alerting customers to time-sensitive sales, creating advertising flyers is an effective way to promote business offerings to a wide-reaching audience. From how many words are included to picture placement, there are several factors that contribute to the success of your business collateral. To help convey your message clearly, here is a guide to the do’s and don’ts of creating advertising flyers.    


Stick with the pertinent information.

People only take a few seconds to process information on signs, banners, flyers, and additional advertisements, which means they are less likely to read text-heavy materials. To ensure your flyers don’t end up in the trash, include concise messaging about the specific initiative you want to promote. Make sure to leave plenty of white space in the design, as it helps direct the eye where to go. So customers have access to additional information, include a link to the company website or social media pages.  

Spell check every word.

Handing out advertising flyers filled with grammar mistakes and typos can cause serious damage to your brand image. Proofread every sentence and spell check every word on the page, so customers know you take pride in your business. If you aren’t confident in your English language skills, hire a professional proofreader to help. 


Go overboard with font styles.

advertisingHow many fronts you choose is just as important as how many words you include on the flyer. If the paper is filled with various font styles, it could make the overall design look too busy and unprofessional. For a polished, clean look, opt for no more than one or two fonts in the layout and be consistent with how you use them. 

Use flimsy paper stock.

If you plan to send advertising flyers in the mail, flimsy, cheap paper stock can easily get ripped, creased, or crumbled on its way to the destination. To ensure your flyers always look presentable, choose durable paper stock. Using more expensive paper will also help people more readily associate your business with high-quality service. 


If you need help promoting your business in the Honolulu area, we at Professional Image are more than happy to assist. From helping design eye-catching logos to providing fast, efficient copy and print services, we will do everything possible to improve your branding and marketing efforts. To schedule a consultation to discuss your advertising flyers, call (808) 532-6565, or visit our company online ( to request a quote.