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3 Tips for Finding the Right Attorney March 16, 2018

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3 Tips for Finding the Right Attorney , Rochester, New York

Legal issues are often highly personal, and you don't want to hire just anyone to serve as your representative. You must be certain you're bringing in the best person for the job—someone that understands your goals and complements your personality. Below are three ways to tell if your attorney is right for your case.

How to Tell If an Attorney Is Right for You

1. You Feel Heard

Everybody wants to feel heard, respected, and validated. In a legal matter, your voice and goals are essential to obtaining a successful outcome. An attorney should listen carefully to your opinions, thoughts, concerns, and aims, and they should make you feel comfortable throughout your case. Whenever you leave your lawyer's office or get off the phone with them, you want to walk away feeling supported.

2. Your Questions Are Answered Clearly

attorneyThose who don't work in the legal arena are not accustomed to the complex language and confusing details that surround judicial issues. As a result, it's common for those involved in a case to have an ever-expanding list of questions. Your attorney should answer these questions clearly and succinctly so you leave empowered by the new information—not more confused about how the law works.

3. You Are Given Options

As a client, you deserve to understand all of the options available to you. You also deserve to know the many ways your case could play out. The right lawyer will explain all the different avenues you can pursue and all the ways your case could resolve. Again, this information should leave you prepared to make smart decisions for your future.


If you’re searching for the ideal lawyer, trust Elliott Stern & Calabrese. For over four decades, they have been representing Rochester, New York, clients in a variety of practice areas, including bankruptcy, family law, and personal injury claims. Call (585) 232-4724, visit them online, or contact them on Facebook or Twitter to make an appointment with a legal professional today.

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