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Why You Should Do Your Physical Therapy Exercises at Home March 15, 2018

Why You Should Do Your Physical Therapy Exercises at Home , ,

Your healing and wellness regimen shouldn’t stop when your physical therapy appointment is over. Following your regularly scheduled sessions, it’s important to set aside time each day to conduct the exercises your practitioner recommends. While in-office visits diminish pain and accelerate healing, your efforts at home may have an even more profound impact on your progress, according to a recent report.

Whether someone suffers from an injury or has had surgery, a physical therapist will custom-tailor a treatment to suit the individual’s unique condition. In addition to in-office exercises, the therapist may recommend lifestyle changes, create nutritional guidelines, and prescribe a manageable at-home regimen.

physical therapyTo boost the efficacy of the results, committing to every aspect of the regimen is vital. However, a survey found only about 65% of physical therapy patients adhere to the prescribed routines. Building new habits can be challenging, but it’s important patients find a way to fit their exercises into their day-to-day lives. Try to do the exercises while you watch TV, while you wait for dinner, or at any other time when you have a spare moment. Eventually, your home routine will become a habit.

Some people only visit the physical therapist once a week, yet are expected to do exercises every day at home. If they are only committing to the weekly appointment, they are only completing a small fraction of the prescribed treatment. Patients may further jeopardize their progress by failing to refrain from activities the physical therapist advises against.


To prevent the risk of exacerbating the condition or getting hurt again, it’s important to follow your physical therapist’s advice. In Lincoln, NE, the friendly team from Snyder Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation strives to help every patient attain the rapid results they desire. To learn more about how the physical rehabilitation practice will support your recovery, visit the website. You may also call a friendly physical therapy professional today at (402) 489-1999.