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3 Ideas for Birthday Cakes for Those Who Have Serious Allergies March 16, 2018

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3 Ideas for Birthday Cakes for Those Who Have Serious Allergies, Covington, Kentucky

Those who suffer from severe food allergies are sometimes forced to forgo enjoyable meals and treats, including birthdays cakes. No one should have to sacrifice the fun of celebrating your birthday with a sweet treat. No matter what you’re allergic to, a full-service bakery will be able to help you create a delicacy that can be enjoyed without the threat of danger. Here are just a few ideas for alternatives to the traditional recipe used for birthday cakes.

3 Birthday Cakes for Those Who Have Severe Allergies

1. Cotton Candy

Birthday CakesSince cotton candy uses only one ingredient, sugar, it’s often a safe sweet for those with severe allergies. The dessert typically comes in fluffy formations that can easily be manipulated by hand. Create a “cake” by stacking several layers of cotton candy on top of each other to give the impression of tiers. After you blow out the candle, your cake can be passed around and enjoyed by all.

2. Fruit & Chocolate Bundt Cake

Fresh fruit and chocolate are always a winning combination. To create a cake from the pairing, pour melted chocolate into a bundt cake pan and add fresh fruit until the pan is full. Place your creation in the refrigerator until it’s time to celebrate. The chocolate will harden, making a cake that you can slice and serve to guests.

3. Gluten-Free Ingredients

With so many people reportedly suffering from gluten intolerance, alternative baking ingredients are becoming more and more common. Gluten-free flour can easily be substituted for the traditional version for those who experience insensitivity. Best of all, the taste and texture are similar to birthday cakes using the classic ingredients.

Birthday cakes are an integral component of celebrating your birthday with friends and family, and those who have allergies shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun. Emerson’s Bakery in Florence, KY, is happy to accommodate special requests when it comes to ordering a custom cake. They are focused on providing exceptional customer service, and that includes making sure that everyone feels special on their birthday, regardless of dietary restrictions. To place your order, call (859) 371-­9228 or visit them online for more information.
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