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Brooklyn Dog Groomer Reveals How Often to Wash Your Pet March 14, 2018

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Brooklyn Dog Groomer Reveals How Often to Wash Your Pet, New York, New York

Unfortunately, unlike laundry items, your canine friend doesn't come with any washing instructions. There are several factors to consider when deciding on a suitable bathing schedule. The Brooklyn, NY, team at Dog Wash N’ Go help locals maintain their pups’ hygiene. Below, the dog groomers provide some insight into when your furry companion needs a bath and how often.

A Dog Groomer’s Guide to Pet Bathing 

1. Factor in the Weather

The weather often plays a role in how willing your furry friend is to take a bath. If your dog is particularly reluctant to wash when it’s cold out, you can space out the schedule accordingly. Fortunately, they are less likely to spend as much time outdoors in the winter, which will keep them cleaner for longer.

2. Consider Fur Length

Dog GroomerThe size and thickness of your dog’s fur is an important element to take into account when coming up with their bathing routine. An American Eskimo and Swedish Lapphund are two examples of breeds that sport double coats, warranting products and steps that ensure a deep cleansing. They can benefit from washing every month, especially if they mostly spend their time indoors. In contrast, their short-haired counterparts can go longer than a month between treatments.

3. Keep Pace With Their Level of Activity

Dogs who spend a considerable amount of time outside are likely to get dirtier and require regular baths to ensure cleanliness. In such a case, use special pet shampoos for their fur type and follow up the bathing session with proper brushing and grooming. Washing their coat thoroughly helps get rid of dirt, allergens, and contaminants that can spread around the house and result in illness. 

4. Take Their Health Into Account

Typically, if your dog is suffering from seasonal illnesses, it’s best to delay their bath by a couple of weeks. Your furry friend is more likely to be agitated when sick and may refuse to cooperate. Give them time to recover fully before scheduling another wash.

If you’re not sure how often to bathe your pet, reach out to the experienced dog groomers at Dog Wash N’ Go. In addition to their expertise and advice, they offer specialized solutions to help your four-legged companion maintain their health and hygiene, as well as spa-related services, like facials and deep conditioning treatments. To schedule an appointment for your animal, call (718) 768-0293. You can also learn more about them by visiting their website.

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