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3 Colors That Will Create a Serene Work Environment March 7, 2018

South Fairmont, Cincinnati
3 Colors That Will Create a Serene Work Environment, Cincinnati, Ohio

To establish a calm, professional tone in your office, pay attention to your color scheme. While most understand the benefits of lowering stress for employees and keeping customers comfortable during visits, many ignore how colors play into the impression of the office. The furniture and upholstery repair experts at Contract Office Refurbishing, LLC in Cincinnati, OH, have considerable experience working with office interior design, and they have seen transformations with a few simple furniture changes. Below, they discuss which colors create a soothing workspace.

Upholstery Repair Professionals Recommend Calming Colors for Offices

Blue & Indigo

Upholstery repair in Cincinnati, OHBlue colors, both light and dark, are on the “cooler” side of the color wheel. Cool colors have a calming tendency and create feelings of serenity. To minimize conflict between employees, consider choosing paint or upholstery that contains blue or indigo.


White is another good choice for office decor. Its positive connotations include cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. If there has been upheaval or commotion in the past, white is a good choice because it represents a fresh start or a blank slate. It could have a calming effect on those engaged in conflict.  


Green is another cool color which, like blue, calms the atmosphere. For instance, guests waiting to appear on a talk show or other television program are often asked to wait in a "green room," which is supposed to help minimize stress and anxiety.  

To add these colors into your office decorating without buying new furniture, contact the professionals at Contract Office Refurbishing for upholstery repair or replacement. They'll reupholster your equipment or refurbish old or worn out fabrics so they look clean, well-kept, and professional. They are locally owned and operated, and have been serving the Greater Cincinnati area for nearly 30 years. Visit their website to learn more about how they can transform your office, or call (513) 481-0111 to discuss your options with an upholstery repair expert.

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