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3 Ways to Add Direct Mail to Your Inbound Marketing Strategy March 16, 2018

Northeast Cobb, Cobb
3 Ways to Add Direct Mail to Your Inbound Marketing Strategy, Northeast Cobb, Georgia

In an ever-changing world of marketing strategies, it makes sense to edit your company’s efforts regularly to stay on top of your clients’ needs. The best way to reach one customer may not work as well with another, and an inbound marketing campaign that reaches everyone will have more of an impact on your bottom line. That’s where direct mail, a type of outbound marketing collateral, may fit seamlessly into your inbound efforts. Here’s what you need to know.

How Direct Mail Adds Leverage to Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

1. Make It Personal

Maybe you have a direct mail campaign that doesn’t have the impact you hoped it would. Amplify its potential by integrating a personalized URL, or PURL, into your mailings. Once clients visit the link, you can track their internet searches to determine their interests and create more targeted strategies based on that information. You might even add a QR code, the familiar square barcode that clients can scan to receive specific information. It’s an easy way to build upon the information included on your mailing.

2. Recognize Your Audience

Marietta, GA direct mailOf course, it’s important to know whether your marketing and advertising efforts are viable. For direct mail to be effective, it needs to reach the right audience. If your consumer base consists of people who don’t typically pay attention to their mail, you may be wasting your funds on print advertising. But if you have older prospects who are also homeowners, they’ll probably check their mail and glance at your marketing efforts. Younger generations are more inclined to connect through digital options.

3. Mix It Up

You can also use direct mail to surprise your customers with an unexpected response. For example, nix the traditional “thank you” email after they subscribe to your newsletter. Instead, send a piece of direct mail that offers some information about your company. Include a special offer if it pertains—that’s an easy way to convert a digital marketing strategy into something more concrete.


Offering high-quality laminated postcards and plastic mailers, Impact Mailers, in Marietta, GA, will take your marketing strategy to the next level. Whether you’re hoping to catch the interest of new clients or want to engage your existing customers with something new, do so with a glossy postcard that elevates the company’s direct mail efforts. Visit the website or call them at (888) 983-2250 for more information. 

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