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3 Tips to Improve Your Swimming Form March 15, 2018

Allston, Boston
3 Tips to Improve Your Swimming Form, Boston, Massachusetts

Swimming is excellent exercise. It tones muscles, builds strength, improves endurance, helps you stay fit, and is a lot of fun. However, it takes practice and coaching to perfect your form and be a competitive swimmer. Charles River Aquatics, the leading swimming camp in Allston, MA, has been offering expert diving and swimming lessons for years. Below, they share some tips to help you become faster in the water. 

3 Ways to Improve Your Form at Swimming Camp

1. Stay Horizontal

Keep your body in a horizontal position. Don’t let your legs, feet, or hips drop—otherwise, you’ll increase drag and slow your speed through the water. To stay horizontal, keep your head down and face the bottom of the pool instead of looking ahead of you, which causes the legs to sink. Minimize the amount of vertical space you use and you’ll notice a marked improvement in speed.

2. Roll From Side to Side

Swimming camp in Allston, MaInstead of maintaining a flat, chest down position, allow your body to roll from side to side during each stroke of the arms. This lets you utilize the large, powerful muscles of the back and shoulders, which will also increase your speed at swimming camp. 

3. Exhale Under Water

There is not enough time for you to inhale and exhale while your head is turned to the side. Instead, inhale deeply and then exhale while your face is submerged. This improves oxygen intake and allows you to take more measured breaths.

To sign your child up for swimming or diving lessons, contact Charles River Aquatics, the premier swimming camp in Boston, MA. Lessons are available from June to August for children ages four to 11. Your kids will have a blast while learning an essential skill. Visit their Facebook page for directions and hours of operation or call (617) 939-8078 to learn more. 

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