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3 Types of Homes That Will Benefit From Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling March 21, 2018

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3 Types of Homes That Will Benefit From Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling  , Dighton, Massachusetts

Traditional HVAC systems utilize large amounts of energy to heat and cool an entire home. As a result, these systems often cost homeowners a lot of money to service areas that don’t even need to be heated or cooled in the first place. Thanks to modern technology from Mitsubishi Electric®, though, there is finally a sensible alternative to this common problem: multi-zone heating and cooling systems. While these benefit everyone, there are a few types of properties that may experience particularly amazing energy savings and improved comfort.

What Types of Homes Will Benefit From Mitsubishi Electric’s Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling Solutions?

1. Multi-Level Homes

Heat rises, which means homes with multiple levels often experience uneven warm air filtration with a traditional unit. While the basement might feel chilly, for instance, the upstairs may be uncomfortably warm. Through selective heat distribution, a multi-zone system helps those living in multi-level houses attain optimal comfort on every floor.  

2. Older Homes

multi-zone-heatingHomes older than 60 years often have thinner insulation and drafty windows, which make keeping out external hot or cool air particularly challenging. In addition, these residences typically cannot be outfitted with the ductwork necessary to install central cooling and heating. For older homes, multi-zone systems offer the ideal solution. Since they lack complicated ductwork, these systems can simply and easily be installed in any room.

3. Homes With Family Members With Varied Comfort Levels

Many families disagree over the thermostat. Perhaps you always feel too warm at home, while your daughter always complains about the frigid air. When these disputes arise, a ductless system will save the day. Every member of the family can keep their bedroom at their ideal temperature—and you’ll still save money on your next energy bill.


If you want to attain greater comfort and improved energy savings, consider installing Mitsubishi Electric multi-zone heating and cooling systems in your home. In North Dighton, MA, New England Energy Concepts provides the high-quality products and installations locals need. To learn more about how the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™ will help you, visit the local business online. You may also call a helpful professional today at (508) 509-2711.

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