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How Extreme Temperatures Affect Fuel Oil March 21, 2018

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How Extreme Temperatures Affect Fuel Oil, Palmyra, New York

Many people living in cold climates rely on fuel oil to keep their homes warm throughout the winter season. However, those freezing conditions can cause the temperature of the oil to drop and solidify, which can cause several problems with your heating system. Luckily, there are ways to avoid any issues. To ensure your family remains warm, consult the helpful guide below.

What Happens

fuel oilJust as water can freeze in cold temperatures, so can heating oil. However, oil doesn’t turn into a solid state like ice. Instead, it becomes thick, creating a type of sludge, which can have a significant impact on your heating system. For example, when the oil becomes thick, the heavier sludge will settle on the bottom. Because this sludge isn’t usable, your tank won’t have as much oil available to warm your home.

Additionally, if that thicker oil is pumped through the plumbing lines, it will impact the nozzle and fuel filter. The nozzle isn’t designed to allow thick substances to pass through, so if the sludge is forced through, it can create a clog. Plus, the filter may also become clogged from this substance and require replacement more frequently.

How to Prevent Problems

To prevent these issues, use blended home heating oils, which can lower the freezing point of the oil. You can also provide shelter for your propane tank to insulate it and protect it from harsh wind and low temperatures. Additionally, consider burying the fuel line, as the ground will help insulate it and protect it from freezing conditions.


To keep your fuel oil from freezing, turn to the experts at Main Energy in Palmyra, NY. Through routine maintenance services, they will ensure your system functions properly all year long. Working with local fuel suppliers, this family-owned company is dedicated to keeping their prices low, while making customers a priority. Give them a call today at (315) 597-5200 to discuss schedule your needs, and visit them online for more information on their services.
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