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How to Effectively Remove Window Decals  March 15, 2018

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How to Effectively Remove Window Decals , Tomah, Wisconsin

While they can be a catchy or even necessary addition to your windows, window decals can be a pain to remove. Whether you just want to remove them without damaging the window or you’re more concerned with leaving zero residue behind, there are practical ways to remove the stubborn stickers.

How to Remove Stuck-On Window Decals 

What Makes Decals Difficult to Remove?

Decals that have been left on for ages will likely be more difficult to remove than a newer sticker since they’ve had time to meld to the surface. Temperature, humidity, and the general climate of your area can also be a factor. Regions with mild weather won’t be as tough on decals, while dry or hot weather can bake them onto a surface. 

Why Should You Remove Them? 

Window DecalPerhaps you just bought a vehicle for your business, and you don’t want the previous owner’s decals on the vehicle. Maybe you want to replace an old decal with a new one. If the current sticker has started to crack or fade, you don’t want them out there for everyone to see. The longer you leave an aging decal on a window exposed to air and elements, the more difficult they will be to remove. 

How Can You Remove Them? 

Luckily, there are some handy ways to remove window decals. If it’s a newer one, you may only need clean water and a plastic putty knife to lift the edge and then peel off. Wet the decal and allow the water to soak for a couple of minutes and then use the putty knife to peel it off; do so gently to avoid scratching or damaging the glass. If that fails, try soaking it with a stronger substance — such as white vinegar — to dissolve the adhesive. Oftentimes, sign professionals will use a heat gun to carefully heat the decal to loosen the adhesive and then remove.  However, it takes a trained eye to avoid damage to the surface of your vehicle or windows.  If necessary, you can purchase a commercial adhesive remover; make sure you buy one specifically made for car windows.  If you need help with some stubborn decals, give us a call and we will be glad to lend a hand.


Though sometimes difficult to remove, window decals are a great way to set yourself and your vehicle apart when you find one you love. If you’re seeking high-quality signs or decals, Zingler Sign & Design in Tomah, WI, has you covered. They offer banners, vehicle graphics, car magnets, wall decals, and storefront signs; and, they work hard to ensure each product is customized to their customers’ needs. To learn more, visit their website or give them a call at (608) 378-3316.

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