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Spring Cleaning? Take Unwanted Items to a Quality Pawn Shop March 20, 2018

Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln
Spring Cleaning? Take Unwanted Items to a Quality Pawn Shop, Lincoln, Nebraska

With the coming of spring, many homeowners decide it’s time to clean out their garage or closets. But what are you going to do with all those unwanted items that have been taking up space inside your house? Although it’s a slightly less orthodox approach, taking your stuff to a quality pawn shop could be the best way to finish off your spring cleaning.

Avoid the Hassle

quality pawn shopTrying to sell your unwanted or unused items on your own is often easier said than done. The time-honored tradition of the yard sale is no longer as popular as it once was — in fact, in some neighborhoods, homeowners association regulations even prevent residents from having one. 

If you’re hoping to earn some money from your unwanted items, your other main option is to sell them through an online dealer. However, there is no guarantee you’ll find buyers, and internet purchases continue to be plagued by spam accounts and other scams. 

A Better Deal

When you go to a quality pawn shop, on the other hand, you’re treated to a streamlined process that allows you to sell your items in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to worry about current demand; if there is some market value for your item, the pawn shop will gladly buy it from you. Better yet, you can also have confidence you’ll get a fair price. Pawn shop owners look up the current market value and appraise the condition of your items to ensure you get the best deal possible. 


If you have valuables you wish to sell after you’re done with spring cleaning, visit Moore Pawn & Furniture in Lincoln, NE. From electronics to musical equipment, they’ll give you a fair price for a wide selection of items. To learn more about how this quality pawn shop will help you earn a little extra cash, visit them online or call (402) 477-5116.

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