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3 Ways Piano Lessons Benefit Your Child March 16, 2018

New York, Richmond
3 Ways Piano Lessons Benefit Your Child, New York, New York

As a parent, finding ways to enrich your child’s daily life and help them succeed is at the forefront of your mind. When looking to expand horizons and introduce your little one to the beauty of music, piano lessons are an excellent option. If you’re curious about music and art classes, here are three key benefits to enrolling children at an early age. 

Why Should I Enroll My Kid in Piano Lessons?

1. Increase Concentration & Cognitive Function

By taking music lessons, children enhance their memory, concentration, and motor skills by learning how to read music, play notes, and memorize patterns. As a result, many young students will improve in their academic pursuits and see added growth when it comes to cognitive function and challenging subjects, such as math. 

2. Boost Self-Confidence

Piano LessonsMastering any medium can give a young person a confidence boost. That’s because they learn first-hand they can accomplish a challenging task with enough practice and effort.  As they take more piano lessons and hone their craft, you’ll see substantial growth in their self-esteem and poise as they tackle new musical pieces and learn to perform in front of crowds. 

3. Contribute to Well-Rounded Education

Participating in piano lessons exposes children to classical music and the joys of learning an instrument, in addition to giving them an appreciation for the arts. This creative exploration will make your kid a more well-rounded student by endowing them with a diverse skill set and versatile hobbies. Their experience learning the piano may even inspire them to pick up another instrument.


With three locations throughout Staten Island, DEA Music and Art is southwest New York’s go-to source for music lessons. If you’re looking for ways to expose your children to the joys of music via violin, voice, or piano lessons, their talented and passionate instructors can provide an enriching experience. Call (718) 370-7733 to discuss enrolling your little one in a music class, and visit their website to learn more about the benefits of arts education.